Penguin of Many Colors


Originally uploaded by messygoat

I *could* quilt this penguin quilt in one color, all over, and call it done.

But that would be boring.

So each color fabric will have its own thread, and I will change threads a million times while I quilt this thread.

This picture has all of the threads that I had in my stash, and I went to Creative Sewing yesterday to fill in the gaps (I needed a good icy blue/green color — and more of the dark orange, since I’m almost out… etc.). So now I’m ready.

Of course, my box of thread to finish another quilt arrive last night, so I’ll probably finish that before I start the quilting on this one… to give me more time to percolate. I’m excited though — the penguin quilt is going to look really cool when I’m done!

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