Beautiful quotation I heard this weekend…

“No matter how long the night gets, the dawn always breaks the darkness.”

Isn’t that just beautiful? No idea whom to credit for it; Google spits out nothing. If you know, leave a comment.

I can finally see the first flickers of light at the horizon, and it’s a wonderful thing to behold. It has been a very long few months.

I feel the need to rebut.

First, read this.

Very sweet, right? Right.

HOWEVER. I would like for the record to show that JERRY picked out that colorful yarn. I kept directing him towards the more monochromatic, subdued colors, but he kept going back to that one.

I also have to say that his yarn is WAAAAAAAY wilder than my yarn. Mine is almost entirely orange, and while bright, it is at least one color. Jerry’s will be quite the riot of color.

I went to our doctor for my annual checkup this morning. She said that when Jerry decides it’s “too much,” she’ll be happy to take it.