Three layouts today…

This one only uses the ASO Grunge Brushes from that I seem to use on every single layout… Fonts are Haettenschweiler, Jane Austen, and and Minya Nouvelle.


This one is in anticipation of the ballet lessons that Helen will start tomorrow. Uses the ASO grunge brushes again, and ASO Art Deco Stitching, too. Fonts are Scriptina and Eras Medium ITC.


And this one is probably one of the most detailed ones I’ve done yet. I combined three papers into one by using brushes in Photoshop, to get a really distressed summery look. It’s a favorite picture of Alice from last summer.

Refresh kit (freebie): TGO Silver Staples 1&2, DEB Alpha1, TCS TagLime, DEB StripesCool, DEB WaveBlue, EHI OrangeYellow Strips
ASO SSEmble Stitched Signage Flower (freebie)
SG Dec20073 KVE Fuschia paper (freebie)
JHI EmbellMini Curled Edge
DEB Messy Mats Brush Set
SS Artistic Edges ink2
ASO Ultimate Grunge Brush Set (as usual)

Font: Jayne’s Hand


So Much Mischief

So Much Mischief

The time on the clock is 1:43…. 1 = “I,” 4 = “love,” and 3 = “you.” Mom used this with me when I was growing up, and I still notice every time I see that number. Jerry and I use it in text messaging and emails because it’s fast to type in, too. 🙂

I’m creating a bunch of digital layouts that make me smile, using pictures from 2007. I will print them out or have them bound into one book when I feel like I’ve got enough of them.

Downloads for this one all came from ScrapGirls:
BHA Stylize
ASO Alluring Autumn
VRA Flight of Christmas
TCS SSTools Shapes Old Clock Faces
DMI SSPaper Bitsy Corner
ASO Ultimate Grunge Brush Set (as always)

Fonts are Dali, Chaos Times, and Georgia.

Meeting Baby Chandler

We drove to Birmingham to meet our new little niece today. 🙂

Meeting Baby Chandler

Photoshop Elements 5.0
ASO Ultimate Grunge BrushSet, from ScrapGirls
ASO Appassionata Faded Paper Freebie, from SG
MRE SS Embellishment Bow Biggie set, from SG
“baby” done with Cooper Black font (I designed these myself! Go me!) and then distressed
Jane Austen font for “Chandler”
Minya Nouvelle font for “meeting”
Nueva font for Journaling