I have the Evidence of Disease quilt layered and ready to quilt. I am afraid to start. For two main reasons: I’m afraid I’ll ruin it (won’t happen — even crappy quilting makes a quilt look better), and I’m aware that once I start, I will eat/sleep/breathe this thing until it’s done (read: no laundry, no cooking, no talking about anything else to the point that it even annoys me). And it’s going to take a while. My goal is to have it done by the time Nancy D. gets here in February.

So, as an avoidance measure yesterday, I made this. (The blocks aren’t sewn together yet — they’re just hanging by friction on my design wall.)


Jerry is now threatening to take it away from me, so that I’ll finish the big one so he can enjoy it.

I guess I should take this little diversion off the wall and work on the one I SHOULD be working on….

But isn’t the diversion pretty?!

It’s done with 16 2.5″ strips and three-quarters of a yard of two other fabrics using a pattern from this book. I’m quite pleased, and I’ll definitely be making more of the patterns in that book — so quick and simple, and great results!

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