Plan B

Plan B

All-digital, using Photoshop Elements 5.0 graphics editing software.

Downloads from Alluring Autumn Biggie Kit by Amanda Sok for the background, Cinnamon Suede Biggie Kit by Syndee Nuckles for the papers and alphabet (I used the medicine dropper to get the color of one area of the sage background, and then used the paint can to add that color to the striped paper), Curled Edge by Jan Hicks embellishment kit. Font is Eras Medium ITC (I think it looks like my handwriting) which came with PSE, and again I used the medicine dropper to get a color from the layout for my journaling.

I think THIS one looks like one of my paper layouts, and I’ll probably have it printed for our album.

And here’s my first all-by-myself digital layout

It’s very basic, but I’m still pleased with it!

The background paper and splat brush are from Renee Pearson’s book, but the circular brush and brad brush came with Photoshop. Fonts are Nueva and Lucida Sans, I believe.

Ready for Takeoff

Now that I’ve done one by myself, I totally get the layering concept, and I see a whole WORLD opening up. This is very strangely addictive. I’m ready for takeoff, myself! πŸ™‚