Happy Halloween!

Boo to you!

We carved the pumpkins from Tate Farms last night, and both girls helped out! I was impressed by that; Helen has never been willing to touch pumpkin guts before.

Today Jerry and I went to help with the lunch for the kindergarteners, and it was fun. Helen was very excited to have us both there, which was cool. We put a long-sleeved white T-shirt under her costume top so that she wouldn’t be cold or obscene.

Hope everyone has a happy day!

Danger, Will Robinson!

This was our house on Friday:

Asbestos Warning

and this:

tented kitchen

I have some paint repair to do from the tenting… The countertops and cabinets are now significantly higher than they were on Friday morning, and we are down to the subflooring. New plywood underlayment goes in tomorrow morning, and hopefully we’ll have new floors Wednesday.

And then we can upright the house.