Strep times Three (probably)

Helen smashed her finger in a grocery cart on January 15. It still hasn’t healed, even though we popped it with a sterilized pin and tried to clean it out by scrubbing it. It still crusted over on Tuesday night, so I called yesterday morning and got her an appointment for 4:30 yesterday for a doc to look at it.

I woke up at 3am Wednesday with that all-too-familiar feeling of Strep throat, so I called my doctor and made an appointment for a throat culture. It came back positive. So I got antibiotics and cancelled all of my tutoring for yesterday. The girls went to school as usual, and Jerry picked them up and took them both to the doc at 4:30, since we’re headed out west on Saturday and we don’t want to have strep on the plane… So they swabbed Alice’s throat, too.

Helen’s on antibiotics for her finger (they didn’t bother swabbing her throat since the antibiotics for her finger would kill strep too if she has it), and Alice’s initial test came back negative. This morning, I received a phone call from the pediatrician’s office that she DOES have strep after all (typical Alice — no symptoms except for slightly more clingy than normal), so now she’s on antibiotics.

Jerry, feeling rather….exposed….went for a strep culture at lunch today. It came back negative. We’ll see what the verdict is in the morning, though.


Helen’s at school, feeling fine. Her finger is already looking better. I’m feeling yucky but getting better, and I cancelled all of my tutoring for this afternoon. Tonight should be okay, because the girls will be in bed by then, so I’ll still work with my two students tonight, I guess.

Could be worse. Could be rotavirus.

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