Rattle rattle

Yesterday afternoon, the girls and I made a quick run to the Crackhouse to drop off my sewing machine for its annual D&C — you know it’s time to get the sewing machine cleaned when your husband walks in the room and says, “Wow. That doesn’t sound good.”

As the machine was sitting in the foyer yesterday, Helen said, “Mommy, why is your sewing tractor down here?” Yeah, I guess it kinda does look like a tractor…

Well, I went back there today to pick it up, and asked the owner if she’s still speaking to me after having cleaned it. 🙂 She said she is, but to tell Jerry that I’ve got about another year with it before I kill it. I’m apparently wearing out the feed dogs — they’re the little grabbers that pull the fabric under the foot evenly so that you can sew a consistent seam allowance. I noticed a few years ago that I can’t get decent presser foot pressure, and now I know why. Because the feed dogs are getting smoothed out from overuse.

So I’m changing my old scrapbooking business checking account over to a sewing machine savings fund, and I’ll drop a little in it every week and see how it goes. Maybe with my summer tutoring money I’ll get a nice little seed in there, huh?

It’ll take me a LOOOOOOOONG time to save for the machine I really want, though. And by the time I save up enough for it, it’ll be obsolete anyway.


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