Today, Helen’s best friend came over at 3pm to play, while K’s mommy and I figured out our plan of attack for the preschool’s yearbook this year, which we foolishly agreed to do last fall. Oh, what, it’s April? Whaddaya mean it should be at the printer by now?

God Bless digital photography and a basic understanding of desktop publishing technology. Yes, this will entail some work, and we have about 40 kids to interview. But we split the interview work and the contact-her-to-ask-questions work, and I think it’ll be fine.

While we chipped at this project, giggles emanated from downstairs. Continuously. The girls had a BLAST. K’s mom and I have been trying to get the girls together all year, but we keep missing opportunities. And, turns out, K’s mom is really busy — she just bought a business franchise in August, so she’s been kept on the run all year getting her business going!

The funniest part of the day was Helen’s anticipation. At 7:15 this morning, Helen was watching out the front window for K’s car. “Is it time for her to come play yet?”

All day long, Helen inquired. And inquired.

At 2:55, there was a lot of moping because K wasn’t here yet. Crocodile tears abounded. Tired of watching out the window (since she had been doing it off and on ALL DAY LONG), Helen settled on the sofa for a good therapeutic fake cry. And she passed out. Normally, it takes Helen a while to wake up after she falls asleep. This time, she was her usual self within 20 seconds of the doorbell ringing, and the two of them were OFF to play.

Great fun. And K’s mom and I agreed that we really SHOULD do this more often, because the girls enjoy each other so much.

And K is the first child Helen’s age that I’ve met who speaks like Helen does. Neat to see it in another child.

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