I enjoy Mondays. It’s my Routine Day, if I have such a thing. I change all the sheets and towels and wash everything and put things away and try to see how much I can get done. And Jerry’s mother helps TREMENDOUSLY by kidnapping the girls on Monday afternoons. Monday mornings Helen is at preschool, and Alice usually takes a good nap (overtired from the weekend). So this has been a good day.

One exciting thing I did today: I rewired three lamps that have been broken by cats. And they all WORK. I’m so proud of myself.

I also installed two latching baby gates at the top and bottom of the most oft-used stairs in the house. This way Alice won’t be in danger of pulling the gate down on herself anymore, since it’s pretty much screwed to the wall.

AND I put all the tools I used back where I got them. So that’ll make certain people very happy. 🙂

Currently I’m listening (and singing) to the Chicago soundtrack at the threshhold of pain on Jerry’s Bose radio. Life. Is. Good.
I enjoy Mondays.


Helen is THREE today! Happy Birthday!

(or, as my favorite teacher would say in high school… Today is my third anniversary of motherhood! Hard to believe.)

Three years ago, at about right now, we were checking into the hospital to be induced. I was at 40 weeks, over 4 cm dilated, 95% effaced, and Helen was holding onto my ribcage. She was NOT interested in joining the party.

We convinced her otherwise.

And here she is, last weekend… Too bad she’s such an unhappy kid, huh?
Helen Running


At 5am today, Helen came up the stairs and into our bedroom in near-hysterics. Apparently, bees got under her covers. She talked about it for a LONG time before we were able to calm her down and get her to go back to sleep.

We sent Logic out at one point to go take care of the bees (He just laid down right outside our bedroom door). When he came back in, he was all waggy, so I told Helen it was because he was proud of himself for getting rid of the bees.

Today I’ll be going to Publix and getting a squirt bottle and some lavender oil so we can make Safety Spray for Helen’s bedroom — a few squirts before bedtime will keep all bugs and monsters and creepy things away from Helen while she sleeps.



Today, Helen got into the BandAid stash that I had stupidly placed in the top drawer of her closet organiser (apologies for the British spelling; we’re still waiting for my replacement keyboard to arrive with a complete alphabet)… You know, the “hiding in plain sight” idea.

Well. At the end of her nap, we discovered that Helen had very neatly applied 22 bandaids on the inside of her lower left leg. They’re all in a perfect column. It looks like she has one helluva laceration, and Dora the Explorer has stopped the bleeding.

That Dora! She sure is a life saver!

[Note to self: pick a better hiding place for the BandAids.]