Snuggly wuggly … blocks?

Helen is not particularly attached to any one stuffed animal, blanket, or doll. She’s never had an attachment for much of anything that lasted for longer than a few days before she got bored with it and wanted another “friend” to sleep with at night. She was obsessed with giraffes about a year ago, and as a result she has about 15 of them. But she’ll sleep happily with any one (or five) of them when she’s on a Giraffe Binge.

Currently, the sleeping friend-of-choice is a collection of brightly painted wooden blocks given to her for Christmas 2003 by my brother and sister-in-law. With corners and pointy edges. Last time she went through a phase of wanting to snuggle with these, she was carrying the blocks around in a wooden basket and she’d actually be cuddling with the basket when she went to sleep.

She’s probably going to want to sleep with the Fisher-Price shape sorter next. She goes through a phase with that every few months, too.

And yes, she does occasionally want to sleep with soft things. It’s on those nights that we don’t have to go in later and move the hard objects to the other end of the bed very carefully, risking a rude awakening if she should discover our diabolical plot to prevent her from sleeping on a corner.


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