And the Verdict Is…

Alice needs tubes to help prevent ear infections, since she’s had four (or maybe five) since the middle of November. We have a consult with an ENT doctor tomorrow.

This morning, Alice woke me up at 12:30am with a blazing hot fever. I gave her Tylenol and she went back to sleep — but on ME. She was not satisfied to be in her crib; she was very clingy. At 6:45 she was hot again, so I gave her Tylenol again and she was her usual self (although less energetic — if we put her on her tummy she’d just put her her head down, instead of crawling to the nearest forbidden object). We took her temperature at 7ish, and it was 101F, so I called the doctor and they asked us to come in. The doctor’s appointment was at 10:30 this morning, and the diagnosis was another ear infection. Came home and gave her ibuprofen to bring down the fever again, and she’ll be on a course of Augmentin for 10 days. Poor little monkey.

At least this explains why she hasn’t slept through the night for the past 10 nights. Ah, blessed antibiotics. Jerry and I are looking forward to a full night’s sleep tonight. Woowoo!

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