In Texas

Here I am in Texas with my imaginary friends, and we’re having so much fun!!! Within an hour of arriving yesterday, my face was already hurting from all of the laughter. I needed this.

Alice has been SO good. She slept through takeoff and landing of the flight, and was a treasure the entire day as we drove around in the van. She did have a lot of difficulty settling down last night, but once she DID finally go down (around midnight) she stayed down until 7ish. Not too bad.

Now she and I are downstairs while everyone else finishes sleeping. We’ll probably be the only ones up for a while, because most of them didn’t come up to sleep until almost 3am. I would have loved to stay up, too, but I was turning into a pumpkin… I guess that sort of happens when one gets up at 4:48am?

Someone’s coming down the stairs! It’s our illustrious hostess, Stacy!
More later, maybe…

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